About Us

Unique Interbuild is firm founded by a dynamic entrepreneur, Mr. Paresh Rane.  A Mumbai based contracting firm, Unique Interbuild was established in 2004 and since then has made steady strides towards growth and success. 

With  technical and engineering know-how extending  to  various projects, offices and townships, the enterprise is known for its commitment to quality, design and its clients.

Befitting its success, Unique Interbuild, a proprietorship venture, is now looking towards becoming a Private Limited Firm.  

Backed by a strong team of highly technical contractors, skilled and semi-skilled labourers, Unique Interbuild, is reputed for their timely completion of any project to the satisfaction of the client.  A parameter of quality, budget and delivery time is followed for all projects which has helped Unique Interbuild to earn a reputation of reliability thus surpassing its competitors.

Unique Interbuild always offers their customized projects by developing a complete designing solution for all their projects.  With a winning combination of excellent engineers, top notch quality of raw materials, all within the given budget and on time delivery, Unique Interbuild plans to be the market leader that delivers on promise.

To achieve our bedrock “Accomplishing Perfection”, we are constantly striving to meet just not our client’s expectation but also that of our dream team thus creating an environment of trust and stability.   Our work ethics reflect in our process, thus making us the preferred contracting firm.